El Genitivo Sajón

Completa las frases usando el genitivo sajón

1.  Jaime and Sharon are brother and sister.

    Jaime is


2. That book belongs to my teacher.



3. Gordon Dionne has a great webpage called MyProfe.com. 

    MyProfe.com is


4. The first book that George and Enrique wrote is called "Reto al Cambio".

    "Reto al Cambio" is


5. Kathy has invited me to her house on Saturday and I've decided to go.

On Saturday I'm


6. I want to buy some bread so I'm going to the shop where the baker works.

I'm going to bread.


7. All the tourists put their luggage onto the bus.

All is on the bus.


8. I bought the newspaper today and saw your picture on the front page.

Your picture was newspaper.


9. This pencil must belong to somebody.

This pencil.


10. Gordon gives class to Marga and he also gives class to Elisa.

Gordon is


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